Monday, July 20, 2009

Nice musky

My friend, Ken Buzzi, just returned from 8 days on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, where he took a half-dozen musky. Ken is primarily a bait-caster, but he took this 45" beauty on my favorite red & white marabou streamer. Despite those who claim "stinger hooks" are unnecessarym Ken's fish exploded on the fly right at the boat and was securely hooked in the corner of the mouth...with a STINGER HOOK. As so often happens with spalshy strikes at the boat, the fish is often missed. The stinger did the job this time. Good job, Kenny. Ken also took several pike over 40" and a whopper smallie of nearly 21." Sadly, none were on flies, but he's bought the book and intends to fish flies harder next time.

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