Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Since at this moment, no fly shops are offering my MARABOU or FLASHABOU streamers, I've designed a fly-tying kit, complete with everything you'll need to tie up to 50 great Pike or Musky catching streamers. It even includes a portable vise & tool kit you can easily carry with you for fly repairs or tying custom patterns on the spot. The complete kit only costs $169.95, + $15 for shipping anywhere in the USA. Drop me an e-mail if you'd like to see an inventory of what is included, or to order your kit. I will supply my book, Toothy Critters Love Flies, for only $15.00 more, and the patterns for both flies are in it.

For those of you new to the sport, I have also assembled an inexpensive but quality tackle kit, including rod, reel, line, backing & leaders, for only $379.00, + shipping. The reel will even come pre-loaded with line & backing. Again, contact me for details, or to place an order. Again, get the book for only $15.00 with an order.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've just received word that Simon Baker (in Norway, believe or not!) has posted another review of my book on his fly-fishing for pike Blog. Simon runs Baltic Pike fly-fishing tours. He has a lot of nice things to say. You can read it at:

He also sent a URL for a new fly pattern. It seems streamers tied for pike, made with condoms (!!) are all the rage in Europe. If you're interested, that URL is:

Personally, I think I'll stick with my patterns.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


FYI, David Edwards of England has just posted a fine review of Toothy Critters Love Flies at his website: You can click on that to get a European slant on fly-fishing for pike. Two others, one in Finland and one in Scotland have also asked to de reviews. Apparently that are hungry for a down-to-earth tome on the subject. Some good information and some other fly patterns are on his blog.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's the fly. Missed uploading it on the last post.

Best Pike Fly

Here is a photo of my favorite pike fly. This is the same pattern that Ken took the 45" musky on, but his had a stinger hook, mounted point up, between feathers. This could have been a better picture, but basically, it's a 3/0 hook, a mylar tube body (add a rattle, if you wish), a red marabou pair of flared under wings, a white marabou pair of flared over wings, w/ crystal flash and flashabou toppings, 2" longer than the marabou. Large dumbbell eyes, finish it off. This one was tied w/a weedguard, but it's nearly as weedless if tied hook up, between the feathers.

Another good fly that I've recently had a lot of success with is the Flashabou Streamer. I hope to post that one soon, with a photo

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canadian fishing

As you may know, it was the latest Spring in recorded history in northern Canada. Reindeer Lake still had some ice in late July...a real boon to flyfishers, since the lake trout are still in shallow water and may be available to fly-casters all season. Tate Island Lodge has reported several fish in the upper 40 inch range, the largest this season so far of 48". Like many other lodges, they are finding more and more interest in flyfishing for toothy critters.

Kesagami Lake Lodge (N.E. Ontario) reported a 50" pike taken in the 1st week on a fly. It's a shallow lake and fish are available to flycasters all season, as well as lots of walleyes. They are going to shoot a fly-fishing video next season.

Several northern lodges are considering doing a "fly-fishing for pike" week next season, too. Many are asking my imput on that new page for their web sites.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nice musky

My friend, Ken Buzzi, just returned from 8 days on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, where he took a half-dozen musky. Ken is primarily a bait-caster, but he took this 45" beauty on my favorite red & white marabou streamer. Despite those who claim "stinger hooks" are unnecessarym Ken's fish exploded on the fly right at the boat and was securely hooked in the corner of the mouth...with a STINGER HOOK. As so often happens with spalshy strikes at the boat, the fish is often missed. The stinger did the job this time. Good job, Kenny. Ken also took several pike over 40" and a whopper smallie of nearly 21." Sadly, none were on flies, but he's bought the book and intends to fish flies harder next time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

You can contact me directly at:, if you have any qusetions or wish to order a book.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Here is the Table of Contents, to give you an idea what the book is about. Feel free to ask questions.


Why fly-fishing for pike is an exciting opportunity, even for anglers new to the long rods. Plus a brief history of the pioneers in the sport, and a recap of what this book is about.

Fly-fishing for pike and musky isn’t just a stunt. Debunking common misconceptions about what will attract strikes from these ultimate predators. An explanation of why flies are so effective, and a general discourse on where, geographically, they are most likely to produce.

Descriptions, identifying characteristics and usual habits of muskellunge, pike, tiger musky and pickerel, plus discussion of possible "Bonus Species:" smallmouth bass, Arctic grayling, walleye, lake trout, brook trout and largemouth bass.

Recounting exciting experiences from various pike fishing trips, mostly throughout central Canada, with tips about habits, techniques and locations woven in while describing the action.

Experiences with musky fly-fishing trips, relaying the same type of information as Chapter 3.

Adventures while taking a break from fishing for pike or musky. A complete discussion of the various Bonus Species, including why they can add so much excitement to the reader’s primary quest for toothy critters.

The best time to go is whenever you can get away, but we will tell you what to expect, with the pros and cons for each season. When it is the best time to catch a really heavy fish.

An in-depth discussion of what rods, lines, leaders and reels that work best, including a section for the various Bonus Species. Many "experts" suggest tackle that may be totally inappropriate, and I tell the reader why.

Which flies are most effective and why they work best, plus flies often suggested for pike (and musky) that, while they may catch fish, ore often more trouble than they are worth. There is a photo plate of my favorite flies on the back cover, and tying instructions are included that even a novice fly-tyer can follow.

Important tips on how to cast big flies all day without exhausting yourself. Also details on how to most effectively work your flies; tips on not missing "Ghost strikes;" the best way to set the hook in bony jaws; getting the most from the fight; and landing and releasing your trophy so he (or she) can fight again another day.

How to find the best places to fly-fish for pike and musky in the USA and Canada. Many lakes that produce great fishing are singled out. How to pick the best spot for you, whether a deluxe all-expense paid trip or a limited budget, no-frills do-it-yourself adventure.

For those interested in possibly setting a tippet-class record with the International Game Fish Association. Who the IGFA is and why it is important to all sport fishing. How to be properly prepared without infringing on your fun, just in case…

A recap of the book and why the reader can enjoy this exciting, not too complicated sport, regardless of his expertise.

A) A resource guide for finding pike & musky waters in any state or province
B) A list of several fly-tying material vendors
C) A pike/musky weight chart, based on length and girth

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Toothy Critters Love Flies

My new book, Toothy Critters Love Flies, is in the final process and should be ready shortly. It gives any fisherman (even those who don't fly-fish!) the complete guide to catching big pike & Musky on flies. It's surprisingly easy, and, believe it or not, you'll find yourself taking more and larger fish than your hardware-chucking buddies. It's tentatively priced at $16.95 and will be available on shortly. Keep checking the blog, and I'll tell you when it is in stock. You can also order directly from me, and for a limited period, I'll offer anyone ordering from this blog, a 10% (net price of $15.25) with free shipping. I'll shortly upload a photo of the cover.