Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best Pike Fly

Here is a photo of my favorite pike fly. This is the same pattern that Ken took the 45" musky on, but his had a stinger hook, mounted point up, between feathers. This could have been a better picture, but basically, it's a 3/0 hook, a mylar tube body (add a rattle, if you wish), a red marabou pair of flared under wings, a white marabou pair of flared over wings, w/ crystal flash and flashabou toppings, 2" longer than the marabou. Large dumbbell eyes, finish it off. This one was tied w/a weedguard, but it's nearly as weedless if tied hook up, between the feathers.

Another good fly that I've recently had a lot of success with is the Flashabou Streamer. I hope to post that one soon, with a photo

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