Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canadian fishing

As you may know, it was the latest Spring in recorded history in northern Canada. Reindeer Lake still had some ice in late July...a real boon to flyfishers, since the lake trout are still in shallow water and may be available to fly-casters all season. Tate Island Lodge has reported several fish in the upper 40 inch range, the largest this season so far of 48". Like many other lodges, they are finding more and more interest in flyfishing for toothy critters.

Kesagami Lake Lodge (N.E. Ontario) reported a 50" pike taken in the 1st week on a fly. It's a shallow lake and fish are available to flycasters all season, as well as lots of walleyes. They are going to shoot a fly-fishing video next season.

Several northern lodges are considering doing a "fly-fishing for pike" week next season, too. Many are asking my imput on that new page for their web sites.

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